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The main functions of Pôle Ubiquitaire include:

  • Agreeing a common strategy in the area of ubiquitous computing
  • Acting as creative mediator in the co-design of services and open innovation
  • Promoting major initiatives such as intellegent cities, data protection and safety, robotics and automation
  • Promotion worldwide of initiatives by regional actors


  • Anticipating emerging changes through medium and long-term strategic positioning;
  • Incentivising companies in the ICT/ICTS sector to innovate and take ownership of the wave of emerging technologies relating to Future Internet and the Internet of Things, and to promote the use of emerging technologies throughout the world;  
  • Supporting the development of companies with high potential for innovation; and
  • Showcasing flagship usage experiments.

Pôle Ubiquitaire Initiatives

Initiatives undertaken with EuraTechnologies:


  • Forecasting the use of new technologies;
  • Webcasts of experiments conducted;
  • Creative groups to anticipate the products and services of tomorrow;
  • An international campus of innovation for SMEs;

The main functions of Pôle Ubiquitaire include:

  • Facilitating SME access to markets internationally (e.g. Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Shanghai)
  • Major programmes (e.g. the city of tomorrow, knowledge engineering, new forms of organisation);
  • Defining new skills and fields of activity; and
  • Anticipating negative externalities, in particular data security, protection of privacy and the environment.
  • Spread of new activities - Priority themes :

Technologies already identified:

  • Mobile infrastructure and applications;
  • Worldwide roll-out of cloud computing;
  • Issues around open data; and
  • New human-computer interfaces (e.g. touch screen, gesture-led), security issues around new ICT usage.