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About Pôle Ubiquitaire

Centre of excellence for ubiquitous applications and usage POLE UBIQUITAIRE

("UBIQUITOUS HUB") is a Hub combining emerging technologies with new usage trends. The centre is an informal expert-led network, whose aim is to establish our region as a pioneer of an economic ecosystem of the future, ubiquitous computing. 

The onset of a new wave of innovation is currently underway (e.g. ultra high-speed mobile networks, augmented reality, semantic analysis, predictive analytics, human-computer interaction, cloud computing, intelligent networks and smart devices).    These breakthroughs will precipitate a plethora of new uses for technologies and facilitate the creation of new products and services.  Rapid advances in technology and behaviours already strongly impact on our daily lives, with five billion mobile phones in use worldwide, while 100 extra cities with a population of more than one million inhabitants are expected by 2025.

The centre faces the considerable challenge of foreshadowing major innovations and uniting actors engaged in ubiquitous computing initiatives around a common strategy.  It acts as a creative mediator in the co-design of services and open innovation.