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Lille Is French Tech

Launched on 29 January 2014, the label "MÉTROPOLE FRENCH TECH (FRENCH TECH METROPOLIS)" (formerly "QUARTIERS NUMÉRIQUES (DIGITAL DISTRICTS)" is aimed at French cities who want to mobilise and bring together local stakeholders around an ambitious growth initiative for their ecosystems, in order for to become internationally renowned locations for dynamic entrepreneurship within a few years.

The aim of the label is to facilitate the emergence of world-class start-ups capable of growing from just a few employees to several thousand or indeed tens of thousand employees in the space of a few years, in a conducive and dynamic regional setting.   French Tech is a large scale movement for collective support in the growth and international influence of French digital start-ups.

As noted at the inception of the French Tech initiative:

There is a backbone of dynamic digital companies in France, particularly start-ups, and we have the necessary strengths to make them world leaders, because the key issue is job creation for the wider population. To achieve this, we must employ all means at our disposal to facilitate their growth; so that they can make the transition from "start" to "up". The initiative is primarily intended as an accelerator for business.


It does however also involve those French start-ups that are more visible internationally, given than France sometimes suffers from a negative perception abroad. The initiative therefore also promotes France as an attractive business location.   The aim is that together we can make France a large-scale business incubator for digital start-ups: a network of attractive ecosystems containing all the necessary ingredients (talent, technology, finance) for the growth and influence of French Tech. The French Tech initiative includes all of you: start-ups, investors, educational institutions, research labroratories, universities; you can all contribute to the development of your ecosystem. Its ethos is: let your initiatives support you, showcase what already exists, and create a snowball effect.

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