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Generating and promoting innovation in the area of information systems security

The idea to create an association first gained traction at a meeting between Nord-Pas-de-Calais-based information security specialists Pierre Calais (NETASQ), Joseph Graceffa (ADVENS) and Thierry Servais (President, CLUSIR INFONORD), in view of the wealth of sector-specific skills and specialists in the region. As a generator of value-added, this federation of regional actors is engaged in launching tangible initiatives that complement the various working groups in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. 

Through the interconnection of service providers and publishers, R&D-SSI seeks to stimulate the market by establishing a breeding ground for ideas which will result in the launch of tangible, market-ready initiatives. These initiatives will be offered for cooperative development by one or more companies in the region.


The Association's objectives include:

  • Assembly: interconnection of users, service providers, publishers and institutions to stimulate the market
  • Detect and collect: Breeding ground for ideas which will result in the launch of concrete, market-ready initiatives.
  • Pooling: Sharing skills through joint Research & Development approaches in order to anticipate future challenges in the area of information systems protection.
  • Concrete initiatives in cooperative mode that generate high value added

These objectives tie in perfectly with those of Pôle Ubiquitaire with respect to co-design in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Co-design consists of supporting and aiding the emergence of working groups (or "Creative Groups") in priority areas.

Contact: contact(at)rd-ssi(dot)fr