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What is CITC?

The Centre for Innovation of Contactless Technology (CITC) is a key player in the area of the Internet of Things and Ambient Intelligence.

It is a centre for technical resources, experimentation and expertise in the areas of identification, traceability, mobile and geolocation, while incorporating security, ethical and environmental demands.

It assists in the appropriation of contactless technologies and the Internet of Things, the emergence of innovative, standardised solutions, and the development of new high-potential activities.

It engages in Future Internet initiatives by promoting synergies between companies, research bodies and educational institutions.  

CITC assists many innovative projects by making tangible resources available to its members: technical platforms, qualified engineers, state-of-the-art equipment, training courses and networks.  At the forefront of technological innovation, CITC offers a technical, forward-thinking and overarching perspective, playing a pre-eminent role in the development of new high-potential activities.

Our Expertise

CITC is a centre dedicated to contactless technologies (e.g. NFC - Near Field Communication, RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy, M2M, sensor networks, connected devices).

Designated Centre for Technological Resources (CRT), it has also been approved for the Research Tax Credit (CIR).

Its mission: to assist innovation

Our centre for innovation and engineering aims to introduce new concepts through high-calibre demonstrators with a view to instilling a creative and collaborative approach with respect to economic actors.  

It offers the use of a manufacturing laboratory for connected devices to its members ("Fab Lab"), as well as having its own R&D laboratory.